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Meet Our Girls


"My experience at Red’s Studio has always been amazing! Her positive & supportive energy makes you feel very comfortable & motivated even though a trick wasn’t perfect she’s always showing different versions of the trick for you to feel comfortable with and master it! I’ve made great friends, & had so much fun at her creatives parties! You will not regret it ✨"


"Red has this incredible talent for providing feedback that is not only constructive but also incredibly helpful. Thanks to her guidance, I've been able to master tricks that used to give me a hard time. It's truly amazing how much progress I've made in such a short period with her support. On top of that, Red's friendly and upbeat personality creates a warm and welcoming environment for learning. I feel completely at ease when I'm around her, which makes the whole learning process so much more enjoyable."


"I can’t begin to praise Red enough, she’s a great person as well as an amazing instructor. She makes everyone feel welcome and hypes you up when you finally get a trick you’ve been practicing. I not only get to learn pole but also gain friends through the many events she has. It feels like I have an extended family at Red’s Studio!"



"My purpose for 2023 was to learn a new hobby, but I didn’t know where to start. When I came across Red’s studio, I immediately knew it would change my life for better! I started my pole experience in January and it has been extraordinary! It’s such a welcoming, friendly, and safe environment. Red is the BEST pole instructor! She takes the time to explain every single pole trick depending on student’s pole experience; something I love about Red is that she’s always encouraging me to do more advanced tricks because she knows I’m capable of doing them (even though in my mind I don’t think I can). I always recommend this place to people who want to try something new and want to have fun! Did I mention Red hosts the most unique events?! — Paint & pole, movie night, more! Come try it out!❤️🎉"

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